Hike & Fly

Hike & Fly North wind
What better way to enjoy the beautiful Vall d’Àger and surrounding area than hiking through the numerous trails and arrive at the top of the mountain to take the first flight of the day whilst many are still in their beds!

We have been exploring and enjoying the local area with our gliders on our back for years and have now catalogued a number of launch sites and landings to suit all wind directions and levels of pilot.
We can combine hike & fly guiding within a cross-country guiding week for those who want an early start to enjoy the stunning sunrise hours and then fly later in the day.

The routes chosen will depend on the general fitness and enthusiasm of the pilots as well as competance to make autonomous decisions. These are all natural launches and as such, some require a higher level of glider control than may be required on a prepared launch site.
We recommend light weight equipment for the more remote launch sites that are accessible only by foot.
Where we have vehicle access we can take your glider  – and your breakfast – to the top (or close to it) allowing you to enjoy hike & fly ‘Lite’!

For those who want an unforgetable Hike & Fly experience we are organising a nomadic trip through the Pyrenees taking in the most spectacular wild sites!

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