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Barcelona paragliding guides
Visiting Barcelona, or on holiday with family ( … & your paraglider 😉 ) and looking for a new adventure or a day or two at a new site?
We all know what it’s like to be in a new place and not know where to go to fly or if you will find anyone else there when you arrive … Look no further, our ‘DayTripping’ package is designed for you!
We will collect you from your accommodation in Barcelona, take you to the best site for the day, explain the site and the area, fly with you and then take you ‘home’ again.

Day guiding Barcelona
We have flown all over the world, but Catalunya is our home and we know the best sites to fly given the prevailing weather conditions. From Barcelona, we can be on the launch of some world class sites within less than 2 hours as well as a host of smaller, less well known but picturesque locations.
You can be sure that we will be in the best place for the day with experienced professional paragliding guides.

PG Sites Barcelona