Belgian Open 2021


We are pleased to welcome you to the 2021 Belgian Paragliding Open to be held from 11th – 17th July in Àger.
The Belgian Paragliding Open is being organised by FlyÀger in conjunction with the Belgian Free Flight Association.
You will find local flying and tourist info here in this website, but if you have any further questions related to Àger or to the competition please email us using the ‘Contact FlyÀger‘ page.
The HQ will be at hotel / restaurant Cal Maciarol on the way to the take-off. A timetable will be announced for shuttles between Àger and HQ.

Selection & Payment:
75% of the places are reserved for the Belgian pilots.
Registration will open on 28 February at 11:00 Brussels time on the AIRTRIBUNE site.
Selection will take place on 6 March at 11:00 Brussels time.
The selection criteria will include, WPRS ranking, speed of registration.
Selection is at the discrecion of the organisers.
Wild Cards:
Local organizers preserve the right to allocate a minimum of 5 ´wild cards´. Wildcard allocation will not follow the WPRS ranking.

The deadline for the payment of the entry fee is 10 days after official confirmation has been made to the pilot. If payment &/or confirmation of payment is not received within this period, the place will be allocated to the next qualified pilot on the waiting list and the 1st selected pilot will forfeit their place in the selection.
Pilots who do not pay in accordance with this schedule will be put on the waiting list.

Entry fee and what is included :

250€ per pilot transferred to FlyÀger upon acceptance up to 1st May 2021, thereafter 275€.

This includes:
Transport to take off each task day
Retrieve (main roads) and transport to HQ on task days
Livetrackers for pilots with no tracking device (eg. Flymaster LIVE)
Download / scoring
Pilot pack including ID card, waypoint map, competition t-shirt.
Daily energy bars, fruit & drinking water at take-off (pending COVID-19 restrictions)
Prizegiving and final party (pending COVID-19 restrictions)

Cancellation Policy
Any pilot who cancels after paying their entry fee may apply for a refund as follows:
Cancellation date before 1st May 2021 = 80% refund of entry fee.
Cancellation date on or after 1st May & before 1st June 2021 = 50% refund of entry fee.
Cancellation date on or after 1st June 2021 = 0% refund of entry fee.

Notification of cancellation should be by email to the organisers at  The cancellation date shall taken as the date of receipt of the email.
The entry fee payment is not transferable to another pilot in the event of cancellation.

Entry fees are collected by FlyÀger on behalf of the competition organisers and allocated for the sole purpose of the the Belgian Paragliding Open 2021. In the event of individual or collective cancellation, refunds will be made within 5 working days.

In the event of full cancellation pilots will be refunded a fixed 70% of the entry fee with a sliding scale according to the date of cancellation and costs already incurred. The maximum refund will be 80% of the entry fee.
Pilots with accommodation booked through FlyÀger / SleepÀger may receive rebooking offers for the next event.


IMPORTANT :: Free-Flyers & partners
For those pilots who are coming with partners or friends who are not registered in the competition we will be offering a ‘package’ for lifts to take-off  (no retrieve) and entry to pilot events. The exact costs will be finalised when we have confirmed pilot numbers but will be in the order of  80€-90€ for the week.
Free flyers will not be admitted to competition transport without an official competition ID.
Any pilot who intends to come with a +1 ( or 2 or 3!) should contact us beforehand so that we can arrange logistics.

While we all hope for the best and are planning this event 100%, the happenings in the world at large may influence our ability to offer you all/ any of the above. We must abide by the national & autonomous regions laws with respect to what we can and cannot do. In Catalunya PROCICAT is the governmental body that decides on our restrictions of movement, opening hours, approval for group gatherings etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, in Catalunya, the use of masks is mandatory in all situations, including in the street and open air locations.
Pilots are required to provide for themselves and be in possession of:
1. ´surgical´ type masks and wear these in all competition transport, gatherings, briefings etc.
2. Hand sanitiser which will be required to be used before entering competition vehicles.
ANY pilot failing in their responsibilities with regards to the use of personal protective equipment as directed by the governmental authorities and/or competition organisation will be expelled from the competition without additional warning.

We will bring more news here regarding any changes in restrictions as they are announced.