Flytec 6030 :: 750euro

6030 blueThe Flytec 6030 is the next evolution of the very popular and successful 5030. It is a highly sophisticated flight instrument with integrated 16 channel GPS receiver and features the same 1/4 VGA high-res display in a housing that is very aerodynamic, sexy and over 30% smaller than the 5030. The 6030 also has a new airspeed sensor that boasts the widest speed range available (12-180 mph!)

Last order: Flytec 6030 – Special Edition! (pre-order)

09/05/2016: Flytec are currently only able to deliver small quantities of the 6030, still the most complete vario for cross-country and competition pilots. Demand for the 6030 is still high, therefore Flytec will produce one last series this summer, in a beautiful red casing. This special edition 6030 model is only available by pre-order until 31st May 2016. It can be ordered with or without FLarm, as per the standard edition. Delivery planned August 2016.

The battery supply is two banks of AA rechargeable batteries. The smart battery technology allows the 6030 to auto-switch to the secondary battery bank when the primary bank is exhausted and since the batteries are now user replaceable you can always substitute alkaline if you discover at launch that you forgot to charge the the batteries.
The 6030 has an improved menu structure and terminology and can be set for several different languages. It has an optional Bluetooth connection to a cell phone for real-time tracking, and there is also an SD card slot for future expansion and a USB port for connection to a PC.
The pitot tube is easy to remove; the hole is then plugged with a rubber stopper (with a small opening to equalize pressure) to keep dirt from getting in the sensor.

Function Overview

Summary of some of the many functions of the Flytec 6030 GPS…

Vario Features

  • High precision pressure sensor for a very sensitive variometer
  • Analog display
  • Digital display
  • Averager
  • Sink alarm

Altimeters & Features

  • Altimeter 1
  • Altimeter 2 (relative)
  • Altimeter 3 (cumulated)
  • Barometric pressure

GPS Features

  • Up to 200 waypoints can be defined.
  • Up to 20 routes, each with 30 waypoints can be stored.
  • Automatic pilot notification, when an FAI/competition cylinder is passed (enter or exit).
  • Automatic or manual start and stop of data logging.
  • Up to 291 hours of FAI/IGC data logging memory at 60 sec record interval, 9 hours at 2 sec and 48 hours at 10 sec (recommended).
  • Automatically records a point upon entry/exit of  FAI sector/turn point  with acoustic and visual notification.
  • Each track log point records: longitude, latitude, altitude (pressure + GPS based), true airspeed, ground speed.
  • Final glide computer displays the expected height over target and height above best glide as well as to the five closest waypoints in memory

Screen & Display

  • Large, high contrast, graphic LCD display
  • 2-3/8″ x 3-1/8″
  • Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels

Simulation Mode

  • Flights may be simulated and features can be tested.

User Defined Pages & Data Fields
Analog and digital displays can be set to the pilot’s preferences.

Three user-pages with 7 user-selectable data fields per page can be chosen from:

  • Time (Time of Day)
  • Flt Time (Flight time since take-off)
  • Vario (Digital Vario)
  • Alt 1 (Absolute altitude)
  • Alt 1 (ft) (Absolute altitude in feet)
  • Alt 2 (Reference altitude, user-defined)
  • Alt 3 (Cumulated altitude gain during the flight)
  • FL (ft) (Flight level in feet. Not alterable)
  • QNH hPa (Air pressure in Hectopascals)
  • Gnd Spd (speed Speed over Ground)
  • Air Spd (Speed through the air)
  • Wind Spd (Wind Speed / Strength)
  • Wind Comp (Wind component: Groundspeed – True Air Speed)
  • Track (Flight direction / Course)
  • Bearing (Direction to selected Waypoint)
  • XT Error (Crosstrack Error. Shortest distance to active leg of a Route)
  • Dist WP (Distance to selected Waypoint)
  • Dist Goal (Sum of all sectors ahead of the pilot up to the last WP of a Route)
  • Dist Toff (Distance from take-off position)
  • Dist Cyl (Distance to Cylinder)
  • Dist therm (Distance back to last thermal)
  • Dist CTR (Distance to next CTR / controlled airspace)
  • L/D gnd (actual glide ratio over ground = Groundspeed/Sink)
  • L/D air (actual glide ratio = True Air Speed/Sink)
  • L/D req (glide ratio over ground required to reach WP)
  • L/D goal (Glide ratio over Ground needed to reach goal over several Waypoints in a Competition Route)
  • Alt a BG (Safety altitude above the best glide path)
  • Alt a WP (Arrival altitude above waypoint, acc. to McCready)
  • Alt a Goal (Precalculated arrival altitude over the last waypoint of a Route)
  • Temp (Temperature of circuit board)
  • SMS p/t (SMS pending/transmitted)
  • Timestart (Race / Start Cylinder time)
  • Dist StCyl (Distance to Start Cylinder)

Air Speed & Stall Alarm

  • Widest airspeed range available 12-180 mph!
  • Removable and replaceable pitot tube.
  • 2 different speed sensors may be used: integrated pitot tube or optional external vane type.

McCready & Speed To Fly

  • McCready speed-to-fly indicator.
  • McCready final glide calculator.

PC Connectivity & Software

  • USB PC interface cable
  • Optional Bluetooth connection to cell phone for real-time tracking (not yet implemented).
  • SD memory card slot.
  • FlyChart software (with professional license)

Battery & Power

  • Charge both battery banks simultaneously with dual internal chargers.
  • Accurate battery status shown for both battery banks at start-up, during flight and on shut-down.
  • Wall charger.
  • Vehicle charger.

Other Features

  • Automatic indication to the last best lift.
  • Ergonomic two tone keypad with easy menu structure.
  • Two event driven soft keys allow access to important functions performed without navigating through different menus.
  • All user settings can be set using the keypad or FlyChart.
  • All ports have integral aerodynamic covers.
  • Audio functions are adjustable over a wide range and can be set to automatically increase with speed.
  • Total energy compensation (TEC).
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Polar Curve Recorder.

Weight & Dimensions

  • Dimension: 6-3/4″ x 3-3/8″ x 1″
  • Weight: 310 grams / 12 oz. (with 4 Alkaline batteries, without attachments)


  • 2 year warranty

The 6030 GPS comes with the following items included…

  • Flytec 6030 Manual
  • Wall charger cable
  • Vehicle charger cable
  • USB PC interface cable
  • FlyChart Professional license
  • 4 AA NiMH batteries (user replaceable)
  • Protective carry bag
  • Removable Pitot tube
  • 2 year warranty

Optional Extras & Accessories

  • Optional PG and HG airspeed sensors available
  • Hang Gliding Instrument Mounts
  • Paragliding Instrument Mounts