Group holidays

Àger north face
Àger provides an ideal location for paragliding and hang gliding schools who wish to progress pilots from EP onwards, develop the skills of new CP pilots or run cross country courses for CP pilots wishing to make that next step. Clubs or groups of friends are equally welcomed.

We tailor our service to what you require for your group and can offer a range of supplementary courses including basic progression, thermal technique, XC route planning and XC flying.

Its no surprise that the valley supports a number of paragliding schools who are based here to take advantage of a site that offers a flyable day from 9am to sunset allowing multiple flights each day, easy access on tarmac roads to the various launches and a wide unobstructed valley with virtually unlimited landing opportunities.

sSunset Flying Àger
For qualified and experienced pilots the sites, topography and climate provide an excellent area for safe reliable cross-country flying most of the season.
Fly guiding can be arranged with local guides and instructors for those who want to explore the potential of the area.

Weather conditions in the late spring/early summer and autumn are perfect for first cross country flights and for courses in thermaling, and this is when most schools run training courses here.
Conditions in July and August are strong, during the summer season Àger is a popular site for international competitions.

Group & Club holidays Fly Àger

Services can be tailored to meet the requirements of the school or organiser to include any or all of the following in addition to accommodation:

  • Airport pickup and return from/to Barcelona
  • Breakfast and picnic lunch
  • Evening meals
  • Local weather and site information
  • Shuttle service to and from sites including between landing and take-off for multiple flights
  • Retrieves
  • Fly guiding
  • Transport to alternative activities on non-flyable days
  • Local information and booking service
  • Itinerant weeks or visits to other more distant sites

The interesting local area and the standard of our accommodation combined with our wide range of alternative activities make this an ideal base for groups which include non-flying partners.

Group size is up to 18.
We offer special rates for instructors, based upon group size.
Contact us to find out more about what we can offer: