For newly qualified and experienced paraglider pilots alike, the Àger site, topography and climate provide an excellent area for safe reliable cross-country flying during a long season.
We are frequently rewarded with early spring conditions as the rock faces begin to warm after the winter chill and release gentle thermals from February onwards.

Conditions throughout May – July get progressively stronger during the mid-day hours. Cross country flights of 80-100km and cloud base of 3000+m are regular features of early summer.

Ager XC Courses
For recreational pilots, July and early August are most enjoyable for morning and late afternoon flights, many of which can last for hours, until and beyond the sun setting! The day can be spent either relaxing by the pool or enjoying our alternative leisure activities.

Late August, September and early October are known for good cross country potential as the excess of summer heat dissipates from the superheated rock faces. Flying at this time of year can still require very active piloting during the midday hours!


FlyÀger was founded in 2004 by former British paragliding team member and Spanish champion, Nicky Moss. Together with local ‘fenónomo’, Jordi Pensado, they offer cross country guiding, hike & fly guiding and courses to suit all levels of pilot.
They live in Àger and between them have more flying and competition experience in the area than any other guiding company. This means that you will fly more!
While others are looking at the weather deciding if they go up or not, there is a good chance that you will already be in the air, simply because understanding the local conditions and development of the weather isn’t something you learn when visiting for a few weeks. It’s something that comes from living in a place and flying in it at every opportunity!

FlyÀger’s services can be tailored to meet your requirements to include any or all of the following in addition to accommodation in a choice of locations:

  • Airport pickup and return from Barcelona.
  • Local English speaking fly guide
  • Local weather and site information
  • Shuttle service to and from sites including between landing and take-off for multiple flights
  • Retrieves for XC pilots
  • Breakfast and picnic lunch
  • Transport to & from local restaurants for evening meals by arrangement
  • Transport to alternative activities on non-flyable days and for non-flyers
  • Local information and booking service
  • Itinerant weeks or visits to other more distant sites including Organya and Castejón de Sos.

XC course Àger Flyager

Our most popular XC course:
The aim is to clock up as many kilometres as we can on a given day. The day starts with a morning briefing, a provisional plan for the day and then flying together with radio contact.

Maximum group size is 8.

  • Daily detailed weather briefing
  • Introduction to the flying area
  • Individually tailored coaching & advice
  • Task briefing
  • Tips on tactics and route choices and where possible by radio during the flight
  • Theory classes
  • Debriefing


  • 925 Euro per pilot includes 6 days guiding, accommodation in shared rooms in Àger, transport to launch and retrieve

Evening soaring is not boring Àger
Weekend Warriors:
When the north European weather is doing its stuff, why not come to Catalunya to fly for a long weekend in the sunshine!
This is designed to be a ‘last minute’ trip so we will make the most of the conditions and base ourselves wherever in Catalunya will give the best flying opportunities.Arrive Friday, return Monday (or alternative days by arrangement)


  • 350 Euro per pilot includes 2-3 days flying (depending on flight times), transport to launch and retrieve. Accommodation will be booked locally and is excluded from the price.