tandem paragliding barcelona
Enjoy the earth, flying free like a bird…

Paragliding is suitable for people of all ages; from small children to the more senior, but still young-at-heart! After only a few minutes of basic advice and instruction your feet will leave the earth.

The sensation of flying with an experienced pilot on a tandem paraglider is unforgettable! It’s the closest thing to actually being a bird; flying with only the noise and the sensation of the wind in your face and watching the world pass by your feet. You are seated comfortably in a secure harness while your pilot uses the warm air currents, thermals, to take you higher to enjoy the spectacular vistas of our valley.
If you are up to the challenge the final part of the flight can include acrobatic manouevres giving you an adrenalin rush as you swoop through the air at high speed.